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We’ve written to Nick Clegg about his grand plans to fight fake news at Facebook:

Dear Nick Clegg,

As your CEO has acknowledged, ‘fake news’ designed to mislead and mobilise hate and bigotry on Facebook's platform has become a dangerous normality. Your plans to tackle political disinformation internally in the run-up to the EU elections this May with a new “war room” are inconceivable without an independent oversight body in operation.

Trust in your company’s ability to serve as the “arbiter of truth” is understandably not there, nor should it be. A private company should not hold the power to determine what is real, especially when your private company has a vested interest in driving traffic to popular posts, regardless of truth.

It is crucial that an independent entity sitting outside of the company is set up to serve as Facebook’s “Supreme Court.” We have seen Facebook time and again fail to properly regulate themselves, with disastrous results. Hundreds of millions of private individuals’ data has been compromised because of Facebook’s own incompetency and refusal to prioritise their users’ privacy over their own bottom line. In fact, since we began writing this letter, yet another story has broken - that 13-18 year olds were paid to allow Facebook to acquire “deep analytics” from their devices. This alone should disqualify Facebook from being allowed to independently self-regulate in any way.

All the evidence shows that self-regulation does not work, in part because no one trusts Facebook to do this job on their own. You yourself, when advocating for passing legislation based on Sir Brian Leveson’s recommendations following the Leveson inquiry into press abuse in 2012, made the point that “...the code itself was well drafted and that, if it had been enforced in full, the problems would not have arisen in the first place. The debate...is about how we can make absolutely sure that that is done in a way that is independently monitored and that endures.”

You joined Facebook to help usher in a new era of accountability and responsibility for Facebook where user experiences and safety are put first. This “war room” idea clearly shows that Facebook has no interest in actually carrying out real change and we are disappointed that you are not using your new position to stand up for people all around the world who deserve protection.

I would be happy to meet with you as soon as possible to discuss these issues and have a genuine conversation about fixing these problems.


Kyle Taylor, Executive Director of Hacked Off and Fair Vote

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