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Demand Leveson Part Two before the Murdochs' bid can go ahead

Ofcom has concluded that the Murdochs’ bid to take over Sky may hand too much power to the Murdochs.  To get around this, the Government has invited the Murdochs to make undertakings — promises that they will limit their control in specific ways - but they’ve made many such undertakings before and broken them.

Ofcom also said that there was insufficient evidence about corporate governance failures to raise formal concerns – but that’s hardly surprising when the Government has intervened to stop the second half of the Leveson Inquiry, designed specifically to gather and expose precisely this evidence.

We have until Friday 14 July to persuade the Minister that any such undertakings will likely be completely worthless and that she shouldn’t enter into a ‘grubby deal’ without first finding out the truth.

Please ACT NOW and ask your MP to demand Leveson Part Two proceeds before the bid is considered any further.

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