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Demand the Prime Minister meet with press abuse victims

Since Theresa May was appointed Prime Minister in July last year, she or her advisers have made the time to meet with more than 60 newspaper representatives between them.

She has not met with press abuse victims once in this time. Nor did she even inform the Dowler family, the McCanns, Christopher Jefferies or any other victims of press abuse before betraying her promises to them by pledging, in the 2017 Conservative Manifesto, to drop the second part of the Inquiry, Leveson Part 2. 

With the criminal trials now over, the Leveson Inquiry must be completed, just as it was always promised that it would be. Leveson Part 2 is supposed to expose the corrupt links between politicians, police and journalists as well as explore the extent of corporate governance and management failures and improper conduct at News International as well as other media outlets.

Please ACT NOW by sending the Prime Minister a letter demanding she meet the victims before deciding to abandon her promises to them by dropping Leveson Part Two.

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