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Justice #ForCaroline: write to your MP today

The tragic death of television presenter Caroline Flack followed months of relentless attacks and speculative coverage in national newspapers and their websites.

Unethical coverage is published because newspapers and their websites are not regulated, and there is nothing to protect people from media abuse, intrusion and intimidation.

You do not to be in the public eye to face this treatment. Danielle Hindley, a working single mother from Leeds, had her life turned upside down after the Mail on Sunday printed false allegations about her business. They knew these were unfounded, but the paper published them anyway - they just didn’t care.

There is nothing to stop them doing the same to another blameless person tomorrow.  

We have been told repeatedly by newspaper editors that “everything has changed” since the last inquiry in to the press (the Leveson Inquiry) which was almost 8 years ago. That could not be further from the truth, it is clear that nothing has changed. There have already been 7 inquiries into press standards, and yet the sad reality is that they have all ended with politicians surrendering to press barons.

It’s time for the Government to stop talking and take action: make independent regulation for press compulsory now.

Write to your MP now to urgently support independent media regulation, to end victim journalism.