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Please ask your MP to protect the independence of the Leveson System

Your MP is being lobbied by newspaper editors who are being encouraged by the big newspaper corporations to try to block the Leveson process.

Editors are asking MPs to oppose the initiation of the access to justice measure - which also importantly acts as an incentive for them to join the Leveson system - which all parties promised to deliver and which Parliament passed into law in 2013.

So we need your help.  Enter your postcode below and click "find your MP", and a model letter to your MP will appear.

The big news corporations are panicking. They know that if the new Leveson-complaint regulator IMPRESS is 'recognised' later this month, then the Government will be put under huge pressure - by victims of press abuse, by the ethical majority of the industry and by you  the public - to trigger the incentives that will encourage newspapers to join this new recognised regulator, or to overhaul IPSO so it meets the same high standards, and deliver access to justice for victims of press abuse. 

Just this week, the Government suffered a large defeat in a vote on the “Snoopers’ Charter” (Investigatory Powers Bill) as the House of Lords voted overwhelmingly to introduce the measure for phone hacking victims. We want this measure to be extended to victims of libel and intrusion too, as was originally agreed by Parliament in 2013, but the government – after holding secret meetings with editors and owners  - is backtracking. 

With the House of Lords prepared to act to ensure Leveson implementation and the prospect of a recognised regulator in sight, the newspaper editors are desperately attempting to mislead MPs. In letters that we've seen, they are claiming that the new guaranteed access to justice measure will put local newspaper publishers "at risk of crippling legal costs". Friends, this is NOT TRUE. 

The measure ensures access to justice for the public when newspapers refuse to offer guaranteed cheap arbitration, while providing court costs protection to newspapers who sign up to the Leveson system.

Will you please write to your MP urgently today, to explain to them what the new system looks like and how much public support it has? 

Last time we asked you to write to your MPs, nearly 7,000 of you did. Please help us do this again.

Enter your postcode below and click "find your MP", and a model letter to your MP will appear.