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Address the infodemic: Nobody's tweets and Facebook posts should be more regulated than a national newspaper.

Yet that is exactly what the Government plans to do, under its plans for a new system of regulation for online media. That's right: the Government is planning to make social media platforms, which members of the public use every day, subject to its new "Online Harms" regulatory regime, while news websites on the other hand will be totally exempt - both their editorial content, and comment sections. This is despite the fact that most news websites in the UK remain outside any system of independent regulation.

 We think this is wrong. Harmful content online - whether published by private citizens or the Daily Mail - should be treated the same.

We call on Parliament to level the playing field by:

1. Treating all harmful content the same. Nobody’s tweets or Facebook posts should be more regulated than a national newspaper;
2. Match the independent regulation of broadcast and online harms by introducing compulsory independent regulation for newspapers.

Write to your MP today.